Kelaniya, Sri Lanka
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Key Responsibilities:

  1. Requirements Gathering: Collaborate with teams to understand their business objectives, needs, and requirements. Document and analyze requirements to ensure they align with organizational goals.
  2. Business Process Analysis: Evaluate existing business processes, identify areas for improvement, and recommend solutions to streamline workflows, increase efficiency, and optimize resource utilization.
  3. Solution Design: Develop detailed functional specifications, user stories, and use cases to articulate business requirements and guide the development of technology solutions. Work closely with development teams to ensure that solutions meet business needs.
  4. Data Analysis: Analyze data to identify trends, patterns, and insights that inform business decision-making. Develop reports, dashboards, and data visualizations to communicate findings to stakeholders.
  5. Risk Assessment: Identify risks and potential issues that may impact project success or business operations. Develop mitigation strategies and contingency plans to address risks and ensure project delivery.
  6. Change Management: Support change management activities, such as training, communication, and stakeholder engagement, to facilitate smooth transitions and adoption of new processes or systems.
  7. Quality Assurance: Define acceptance criteria and conduct testing to validate that solutions meet business requirements and deliver intended outcomes. Identify and address defects or issues through iterative testing and refinement.
  8. Documentation: Maintain comprehensive documentation of business requirements, solution designs, test plans, and project deliverables. Ensure documentation is up-to-date and accessible to relevant stakeholders.
  9. Continuous Improvement: Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of implemented solutions. Identify opportunities for continuous improvement and innovation to drive business growth and competitiveness. Required to travel on centers.


  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration, or a related field.
  • Proven experience as a business analyst, preferably in a relevant industry or domain.
  • Strong analytical skills, with the ability to gather, analyze, and interpret complex data and information.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to effectively engage and influence stakeholders at all levels.
  • Proficiency in business analysis tools and methodologies, such as process modeling, requirements elicitation, and stakeholder management techniques.
  • Experience with Agile, Scrum, or other project management methodologies is desirable.
  • Knowledge of industry best practices, regulations, and standards related to business analysis and project management.
  • Adaptability, problem-solving skills, and a customer-focused mindset.


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