Blubiz Lanka Business Incubator by INORA, a business incubator, was launched on February 24th at Light House Gallery, Sri Lanka, through a collaboration between the Institute of Ocean Resource Analysis (INORA) and Oceanlust magazine.


 The objective of this incubator is to foster young entrepreneurs focused on utilizing ocean resources under the theme of UN SDG goal 14, “life below water.” The aim is to discuss this subject in detail, attract foreign direct investments , create new income sources, and ultimately establish a sustainable ocean-based economy for future generations, which is the long-term goal of INORA. launch event image

Currently, the fisheries industry contributes only about 1.1% to the GDP. To increase this value , plans were discussed to integrate the fisheries industry with technology and create a centralized digital platform.

Additionally, one of the main objectives of business incubator is to attract young entrepreneurs to the fisheries industry through these initiatives.

Several topics related to the blue economy were discussed at the event, including fish attraction devices , mother vessels, small boat tracking systems , liferaft for multi-day boats, off-shore bunkering , introducing large boats, and seaweed farming , marine tourism , ocean minerals etc.

University of Kelaniya will collaborate to digitize the blue economy, with new web applications targeting fish auctions. The development of these applications is expected to invigorate the fisheries industry. The event also introduced new ideas related to marine tourism, such as underwater restaurants, viewing ships, building marinas, and exploring the development possibilities of Delft Island as the first blue city in Sri Lanka.

At the event, keynote speech was delivered by Snr Prof. Hemanthi Ranasinghe, while other notable figures including Commander of the Navy Vice Admiral Priyantha Perera, Dr. Chamli Rathnayake, Dean of the Faculty of Computing and Technology at the University of Kelaniya, Mr. Ayesh Indranath Ranawaka, CEO of the Institute of Ocean Resource Analysis (INORA) and various experts in the marine and fisheries industries were also in attendance.

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