Artificial Intelligence and blue economy

Upon observing the title, one might question the potential connections among these three elements.

The contemporary subject of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), as well as the now frequently discussed topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI), has become pervasive across various industries. From this perspective, we find ourselves trailing behind. This delay, in my opinion, can be attributed to the inefficiencies within governmental services. When it comes to adopting novel concepts, the bureaucratic procedures inherent in the government system tend to introduce significant delays. Regrettably, there appears to be a lack of initiative or intent to reform this situation.

The lack of updates to laws in alignment with emerging trends and technologies can be attributed to the actions of politicians. Their endorsement of prolonged procedures perpetuates an inefficient and corrupt working culture. However, I won’t delve extensively into this matter.

Whether for the benefit of Kelaniya University or the advancement of our nation, an MBBS doctor has assumed the role of vice chancellor – a choice that initially gave me pause. However, she has proven to be remarkably innovative, unafraid of change, and resolute in making progressive decisions. Dr Chamli Rathnayaka who is the Dean of the Faculty of Computing and Technology (FCT) too is an academic with innovative thinking given us good boost .This turn of events has proven advantageous for both our country and the University of Kelaniya. It’s this very reason that compels me to connect the three aforementioned themes.

Under their guidance, we have embarked on an IT project in collaboration with the IT faculty, known as “blu biz lanka” – a trading platform. The underlying objective is to comprehensively encompass the entire “blue economy” through the utilization of this application thus far has proven to be inaccurately portrayed, as revealed by my research. Read more on Issue 11

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