MOU signed between University of Kelaniya and INORA Sri Lanka

MOU signed between University of Kelaniya and INORA Sri Lanka

This is not merely a small step but rather a substantial leap towards our country’s economic advancement and progress as a “marine nation” by 2050 which aligns with the 14th Sustainable Development Goal of conserving and sustainably using the oceans, and marine resources for sustainable development.

The University of Kelaniya, which has a track record of producing numerous intellectuals, is not only contributing to the nation by creating capable individuals but is also laying the foundation for a digitalized “Blue Economy” for future generations.

In this era of rapid technological advancement, the younger generation, who are already proficient in cutting-edge technologies, will be able to take advantage of our current contributions and would “walk on the ocean’s surface” .

We express our gratitude to the University of Kelaniya for their valuable contribution ,and special thanks goes to the Vice Chancellor Snr.Prof. Nilanthi de Silva, the Dean of Faculty of Computing and Technology Dr.Chamli Rathnayaka and his team. Self, Capt Amitha Abeyratne represented INORA .

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